Alpha Textiles

Alpha textiles is a venture of Gopal Plastic Industries. M/s. Gopal Plastic Industries was established in year 1990.

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Shade net

Shade net is a cover made of HDPE material and used for different purposes.


Pond Fishing net

Pond fishing net is used for fishing purposes in pond like water reservoirs.The pond fishing net


PP/HDPE made products

At Alpha, we are manufacturing wide range of HDPE nets used for different purposes.

The key uses of net we manufacture are as follow:

Agriculture shade net

Pond fishing net

Vegetables/fruits packaging bags

Mix and match between all fabrics in our fabric collection

Our mission is to help the Indian households ease their livelihoods by providing contemporary products in the segments of agriculture and packaging industry

State of the art manufacturing facility with imported machinery

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Our Philosophy

We believe in ourselves, respect our employees, trust our suppliers and believe in inclusive growth.

Consumers prefer products that pose no threat either to themselves or the environment


Attractive colors with 100% natural material are available,

which gives options to our clients fulfill their needs with best attractive products and solutions.


Shade net


Pond Fishing Net


Sp. Onion/Garlic Packaging Bags


Anti-insect Net

Textiles & Nets

We love Net fabrics and continuously expand our range of products

We are proud of our whole team Alpha. We continuously expand our range of products by getting inputs from our customers and our experts. We are using latest high technology machines for manufacturing beautiful net products specially designed for our customers.