Vegetables/fruits packaging bags

(Special for Onion/garlic)
HDPE net bags used for vegetables/fruits packaging is a modern alternative for traditional packaging system. A strong net, stabilized with UV is long lasting material resistant to water and sunlight. The thin plastic material is also economical for transportation and helps in saving transportation space and weight. Strong HDPE plastic has tremendous capacity of carrying weight. Mesh designed especially for carrying vegetables/fruits has a range of carrying 5 kg to 60 kg weight.


  • Vegetables/fruits packaging bags
  • Onion/garlic bags
  • Other packaging purposes


  • Water resistant
  • Durable
  • Heavy weight carrying capacity (5 kg to 60 kg)
  • Multicolor available
  • Customization available (Size, color, quality)
  • Comes in form of rolls (Generally of 100 meters)


  • Water resistant
  • Multicolor available
  • Heavy weight carrying capacity
  • Made from HDPE virgin material