Shade net

Shade net is a cover made of HDPE material and used for different purposes. It is mainly used for agriculture purposes. In agriculture, it is used to cover the crop field to protect crops from natural forces like strong wind, heavy rain, too bright sun light, hail etc. By using shade net we can reduce the spoilage and increase the productivity of the field. It is used in nurseries to make sure uninterrupted and steady growth of the plants.


Shade Net for Nursery

In nurseries, shade net is used to provide shade to plants to ensure steady and uninterrupted growth of the plants.

Shade Net for Floriculture

Floriculture- In the plantation and growing of flowers, Shade Net is used to provide right kind of shade to flowers to help them grow and blossom.

Shade Net for Terrace Garden

In terrace garden, shade net is used to provide the shade to the plants to protect them from the direct exposure of sunlight.

Shade Net for Fencing

Shade net can be used for boundary fencing and provide enclosed area for suitable objectives.


  • Protects plants and crops from excessive sunlight, heat, cold, wind frost, hall storm, insects and birds
  • Acts as a climate controller & ensures good air circulation for the plants to grow
  • Made from HDPE
  • UV stabilized for longer life (4 years to 5 years)
  • Suitable for better growth and quality of the plants/crops
  • Non hygroscopic and fungus resistant
  • Best weaving and knitted shade net, stronger and durable


  • UV stabilized
  • Made with 100% virgin material